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Literacy and numeracy standards

What approach have you taken to introduce the Level 1 literacy and numeracy standards?


Introduced in 2012, the NCEA level one literacy and numeracy unit standards herald a new pathway for students to gain literacy and numeracy credits. In addition, they open the way for new approaches to cross-curricular teaching and learning in secondary schools. These videos show how some schools have approached these changes during the trial phase. The examples are supported by research, key resources, and discussion tools.

What the research says

During the trial phase, Trish Holden an adviser from UC Education Plus, investigated how schools were introducing the literacy unit standards.

Her brief paper explains the new pathway, and explores emerging issues such as gathering and storing evidence, assessment and moderation, and identifying students. She identifies the positives and outlines considerations for schools introducing the unit standards.

Published on: 27 Jul 2012