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A possible pathway for curriculum review

The New Zealand Curriculum identifies a number of values that have widespread community support. These values are to be encouraged and modelled, and they are to be explored by students. Schools need to consider how they can make the values an integral part of their curriculum and how they will monitor the effectiveness of the approach taken.


Values in The New Zealand Curriculum
This section of the NZC document introduces a list of values that enjoy widespread support and explains how students can explore values in their learning.

Technology and values
This paper summarises key points from the values section of the curriculum and discusses how values education links with technology education. Examples are provided to illustrate these links.

Digital citizenship and cyber-safety in schools
This section of the enabling e-Learning website explores what it means to be a successful digital citizen and provides resources, discussion starters, and stories to support digital citizenship and cyber-safety in schools.

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Published on: 08 May 2014