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A possible pathway for curriculum review

The New Zealand Curriculum identifies a number of values that have widespread community support. These values are to be encouraged and modelled, and they are to be explored by students. Schools need to consider how they can make the values an integral part of their curriculum and how they will monitor the effectiveness of the approach taken.


School stories

How have other schools used values to design and shape their curriculum?

Developing the Breens Intermediate values
Breens Intermediate needed some kind of vehicle to tie their school together and help them to talk to the children about achievement, behaviour, and belonging. These four stories explore the discussions, evolution, and testing of the Breens' values.

Creating a culture of excellence
Alec Solomon, subject specialist leader of physical, health and outdoor education at Albany Senior High School, discusses how he supports students to excel by encouraging staff, students, and parents to value excellence.

Striving for personal excellence
Sue Ngarimu-Goldsmith, principal of Te Kura o Hiruharama, explains the process, thinking, and values behind the school's mission 'Striving for personal excellence'.

The digital citizen
Andrew Churches, teacher at Kristin School, on Auckland’s North Shore, discusses six underlying facets of digital citizenship and an ethical approach to our digital world.

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Published on: 08 May 2014