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NZC principles

A possible pathway for curriculum review

The NZC states (p 37) that schools are required to base their curriculum on the principles of The New Zealand Curriculum. Schools should be able to clearly demonstrate their commitment to the principles and to articulate how they are given effect in teaching and learning.

Review tools

Review questions you may consider for your school community

  • Are the principles of The New Zealand Curriculum evident in all aspects of the delivery of our school's curriculum?
  • How can we get the list of principles off the page, into our minds, and influencing how we view and construct our curriculum?
  • Which of the eight principles could we justifiably say are foundations of our current school curriculum? Do our parents and whānau have the same perception?
  • Which principles require priority consideration as we design and review our curriculum in response to students' needs?

Discussion tool

Exploring the curriculum principles
This discussion tool supports school leaders and teachers to develop deeper thinking around The New Zealand Curriculum principles within a school curriculum.

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Published on: 09 Sep 2013