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Learning pathways

A possible focus area for curriculum review

The NZC states (p 41):

  • As students journey from early childhood through secondary school and, in many cases, on to tertiary education, they should find that each stage of the journey prepares them for and connects well with the next.
  • Schools can design their curriculum so that students find the transitions positive and have a clear sense of continuity and direction.


Literature Review: Transition from Early Childhood Education to School (PDF 2.68 MB)
This 2010 literature review focuses on what successful transitions to school look like, the factors that play a role in how well children transition from ECE to school, and the ways in which children can be supported to transition as successfully as possible. 

Evaluation at a Glance: Transitions from Primary to Secondary School
This 2012 national report combines current research with findings from recent ERO reports about students' transitions between and through schools. The report discusses the important pastoral care and learning support processes needed for successful transitions.

Easing the Transition from Primary to Secondary Schooling: Helpful information for schools to consider
This 2010 report is the last in a series of three. Each report presents findings from a Ministry of Education project "A Study of Students' Transition from Primary to Secondary Schooling".

Increasing Educational Achievement in Secondary Schools
This 2013 national report presents the findings of ERO’s recent evaluation of the practices used in an initiative to support the improved achievement of a specific group of Year 12 students.

Secondary Schools: Pathways for Future Education, Training and Employment
This 2013 report follows on from ERO’s 2012 report on careers education, Careers Information, Advice, Guidance and Education (CIAGE) in Secondary Schools. This second report investigates how well 74 secondary schools have prepared their students for future opportunities in education, training and employment.

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Published on: 28 May 2014