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Learning pathways

A possible focus area for curriculum review

The NZC states (p 41):

  • As students journey from early childhood through secondary school and, in many cases, on to tertiary education, they should find that each stage of the journey prepares them for and connects well with the next.
  • Schools can design their curriculum so that students find the transitions positive and have a clear sense of continuity and direction.


How have other schools designed their curriculum to ensure clear learning pathways that offer students continuity, direction and positive transitions?

Glen Eden Intermediate School
These two digital stories describe Glen Eden Intermediate’s transition programme and how this approach has built positive relationships with contributing schools, families, and the wider community.

Part one – First steps in transition programme
Part two – Other transition components

Clear pathways for literacy learning
This story explains how students moving through the Mount Roskill campus can be assured of clear learning pathways in literacy thanks to the collaborative efforts of teachers.

The Catlins Area School
This snapshot describes how students at The Catlins Area School are working towards exciting new career opportunities in the aviation industry.

Papakura High School case study
This case study from the Vocational Pathways website describes how Papakura High School restructured their school curriculum to establish the option of vocational pathways.

Vertical curriculum planning
Sarah Hynds explains how her whole school plans together across the levels of the curriculum to ensure that the transitions between the levels of the curriculum were smooth, and that teachers understood what came before and after individual student's curriculum levels.

Names, numbers, needs: ART in action
This story from The Education Gazette describes how students from South Otago High School were better prepared to move into tertiary study, industry training, or work because learning was tailored to their individual aspirations and aptitudes. 

Other stories

NZC Online has other stories that show how schools have made learning pathways a priority in the process of curriculum design and review. They can be found in the media gallery, the secondary middle leaders media gallery, and school snapshots.

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Published on: 28 May 2014