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Learning areas

A possible pathway for curriculum review

The NZC states (pgs 37, 38):

  • In years 1-10, schools are required to provide teaching and learning in English, the arts, health and physical education, mathematics and statistics, science, the social sciences, and technology.
  • The learning area statements should be the starting point for developing programmes of learning suited to students' needs and interests.
  • Links between learning areas should be explored.


How have other schools reviewed and refreshed teaching and learning approaches in different learning areas?

Lifting student engagement through curriculum integration
Teaching and learning has been revitalised at Fraser High School through curriculum integration and the use of authentic contexts.

Growing te reo Māori capabilities
Tracey Hopkins outlines te reo Māori professional development programme in place at Hukanui School. Tracey explains how teachers are supported in their own personal learning, and also in their teaching of te reo Māori to their students.

Other stories

NZC Online has a range of stories showing how schools have reviewed teaching and learning in different learning areas. They can be found in the media gallery and in the secondary middle leaders media gallery. You can also search for digital stories in the NZC resource bank under different learning area headings.

The Enabling e-Learning website features snapshots of learning that describe how schools are integrating learning with digital technologies into different learning areas. You can search stories by curriculum areas, software type, and school level. Enabling e-Learning also has a range of stories in its media gallery.

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Published on: 08 May 2014