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Learning areas

A possible pathway for curriculum review

The NZC states (pgs 37, 38):

  • In years 1-10, schools are required to provide teaching and learning in English, the arts, health and physical education, mathematics and statistics, science, the social sciences, and technology.
  • The learning area statements should be the starting point for developing programmes of learning suited to students' needs and interests.
  • Links between learning areas should be explored.

Review tools

Review questions you may consider for your school community

  • How well does our school's curriculum reflect the essential nature of each learning area?
  • Do our programmes meet the needs and interests of our students?
  • How does our curriculum enable students to explore relationships of knowledge across learning areas?
  • Do we make connections across learning areas, values, and key competencies?
  • Do we have a rationale and structure for covering learning area strands and selecting achievement objectives?

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Published on: 08 May 2014