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Examples and inspiration

Secondary stories

Project based learning at Otago Girls' High School
This blog describes the journey of a class at Otago Girls' High School who are taking part in Launch, a project based learning course.

Place based curriculum in social sciences at Logan Park High School
Paul Enright, head of social sciences at Logan Park High School in Dunedin, explains that he found The New Zealand Curriculum allowed freedom to experiment. Paul explains the development of a place based curriculum at his school.

Growing and supporting professional learning communities at St Margaret's College
Angela White, Head of the middle school at St Margaret's College, outlines her school's approach to supporting pedagogical change.

Introducing numeracy standards at Hamilton Boys High School
In this video, teacher Philippe Basel and a number of students reflect on the numeracy standards trial conducted at Hamilton Boys’ High School and explain how this approach differs from a mainstream maths class.

Leading change at Hauraki Plains College
Principal Ngaire Harris talks about leading change at Hauraki Plains College. "There is a difference between having a positive school culture and having a school culture that is positively focused on learning."

Leading pedagogical change at Kelston Girls' College
Carol Jarrett shares how her department uses teaching as inquiry to investigate 'problems of practice'.

Snapshots of learning

Menzies College – Localised learning at Mimihau Stream
This snapshot describes a hands-on, localised project that encourages students to solve problems, develop resilience, and practice teamwork, and has led to a much greater engagement in learning. 

Papanui High School
This snapshot describes how staff at Papanui High School introduced a literacy initiative and regular professional development to improve student engagement and achievement.

Lifting student engagement through curriculum integration
Teaching and learning has been revitalised at Fraser High School through curriculum integration and the use of authentic contexts.

Mackenzie College – Thinking skills
Some year 9 and 10 students at Mackenzie College have had a big say in the design of their school’s curriculum.

Taranaki high school's move to transform education as we know it
Spotswood College in New Plymouth is one of a handful of New Zealand schools embarking on a new journey looking into future-focused education. 


Education Gazette stories

Secondary Education Gazette stories
These articles with a secondary focus are published in the New Zealand Education Gazette. They include stories of curriculum design and review.

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Published on: 16 Apr 2014