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Examples and inspiration

Primary stories

Parents at Pomaria School.

Pomaria School
Values teaching, coaching and mentoring, goal setting, and community workshops are some of the initiatives that have been introduced at Pomaria School during their journey of curriculum design and review. This set of videos describe the changes and impact.

Students from Renwick School.

Renwick School
These four videos show how staff, students, parents, and the community worked together to write a school curriculum that reflects the vision and values of Renwick School and its place in the community.


Te Kura o Hiruharama
Ngāti Porou East Coast schools have worked collectively through the E Tipu e Rea Education Partnership as they have developed their school curricula. These three stories share the journey of Te Kura o Hiruharama.

Children from Stonefields School.

Stonefields School
Stonefields School opened its doors to students in 2011. With this new start came the opportunity to try new approaches to curriculum design.

Students at Sylvia Park School.

Sylvia Park School
Sylvia Park School has explored effective pedagogy and used an inquiry framework to build authentic, engaging learning for their students.

Snapshots of learning

We are Waikino
Waikino School has been on a journey, along with the community as a whole, to learn about and celebrate their region: its past, its connection to the water, its birds, its land, its environment, and its people.

Boulcott School
Boulcott School began their curriculum journey with a staff car rally.

Murrays Bay Intermediate
Staff from Murrays Bay Intermediate considered many aspects during their curriculum development.

Paroa School
Principal Peter Bayliss has worked with his staff to develop a curriculum map to guide their school curriculum development.

Cotswold School
Principal Stephen Harrison discusses the process the community went through to develop the Cotswold Way and the way that this vision is reflected in the design of the school's curriculum.

Waimairi School
This snapshot is adapted from the blog of Principal, Mike Anderson. Mike takes us through the first three phases of curriculum development at Waimairi School and gives us some insights to where they are heading next.

Find other stories

The following sites contain stories with a curriculum focus:

Published on: 16 Apr 2014