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Question 6

Question 6 – How might we move from communicating with community to collaborating with community?

This page brings together the responses that we received for question six in our #edchatnz twitter session.

The six tweets below describe how schools can move from communicating with to collaborating with community about curriculum design. Recommendations include:

  • Draw on the skills and expertise of your parents, whānau, and local communities
  • Work with the community on joint initiatives
  • Take teaching and learning out of the classroom and into community settings
  • Invite parents to lead workshops about teaching and learning
  • Get the community to come into the school
  • Act on community forums and surveys.

Self reflection tool – Levels of community engagement

This diagram, adapted from the International Association of Public Participation Spectrum, shows five levels of engaging your community in curriculum design. It helps to illustrate the shift that is required to move from communicating with community to collaborating with community. The diagram can be used as a self reflection tool to measure how well you currently engage your community in curriculum design and establish your next steps.

NB: The word community in the diagram refers to students, parents, whānau, iwi, hapu, and other important community groups.

Levels of community engagement.

Download a copy of this diagram and guiding questions

PDF icon. Self reflection tool – Levels of community engagement (PDF, 172 KB)

Guiding questions Ngā pātai ārahi

  • Using this five scale model, where does your school sit in relation to engaging the community in curriculum design?
  • Consider the ideas provided in the six tweets. Where do you think these ideas fit on the five scale model?
  • Can you provide examples of how your school and other schools have reached the different levels of community engagement?
  • What steps could your school take to reach the collaborate and empower levels described in the diagram?
  • What sorts of curriculum decisions might the empower level of community engagement be suitable for?  

Published on: 16 May 2016

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