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Question 3

Question 3 – What does engaging communities in curriculum design look like in an ideal world?

This storify slideshow brings together the responses or tweets that we received for question three in our edchatnz twitter session.

The slideshow paints a picture of what engaging communities in curriculum design looks like in an ideal world. It shows that effective community engagement is inclusive, continuous, responsive, and collaborative.

School stories, research, and resources are included to add context to the ideas. Reflective questions are provided to stimulate deeper thinking and offer a call to action.

The slideshow enables you to get involved in the discussion. You can hover on the tweets to reply or retweet. Alternatively, you can email us your thoughts and stories. We would love to hear from you.

Supporting resources on NZC Online

Erin Temu.

Values education and community partnership at Pomaria School
The entire community of Pomaria School have worked together to identify and agree on a set of values that they believe are important. This film describes how the values were developed and how they are sustained. Schools can use the ideas in this film to support their own curriculum development in response to the needs of their students and communities.

School partnerships self-audit tool
This tool can be used to consider current community-school interactions and find out more about community values and expectations. The section called "Gathering new information" provides questions for students, parents, teachers, and leaders.

Community engagement curriculum workshops
These workshops are designed to help schools work with their communities to explore the intent of the national curriculum and design their school curriculum so that teaching and learning is meaningful and beneficial to their particular communities of students.


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Engaging Pasifika parents and communities
This support section from the Pasifika Education Community offers resources, tools, and examples to help your school effectively engage with your Pasifika communities.

Updated on: 03 Jun 2016

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