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Question 1

Question 1 – Why engage with the community when designing your school curriculum?

This storify slideshow brings together the responses or tweets that we received for question one in our edchatnz twitter session.

The tweets have been grouped into four key ideas. School stories are included to add context to the ideas. Reflective questions are provided to stimulate deeper thinking and offer a call to action.

The slideshow enables you to get involved in the discussion. You can hover on the tweets to reply or retweet. Alternatively, you can email us your thoughts and stories. We would love to hear from you.


Supporting resources on NZC Online

Reviewing your curriculum – Know your community

This section supports you to seek and listen to the ideas of students, parents, families, whānau, and the wider community when designing your school curriculum. 

School partnerships self-audit tool
This tool can be used to consider current community-school interactions and find out more about community values and expectations. The section called "Gathering new information" provides questions for students, parents, teachers, and leaders.

Saga Frost.

Involving your community in curriculum design
This blog explores ways to involve your community in curriculum design. The blog is structured around three themes – implementation, sustainability, and longevity. It highlights stories from New Zealand schools as an impetus for discussion in your school context.


Updated on: 20 May 2016