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Curriculum and the community

Recently, we joined #edchatNZ to explore community engagement and curriculum design with teachers from all over the country. This section captures the thoughts and responses from this chat to further help schools to connect and collaborate with their communities when designing their local curriculum. It includes seven Q and A posts which offer teacher voice, schools stories, reflective questions, and links to further conversations and support. Email us your thoughts and stories or answer our 3 question survey to add your voice to these stories.

  • Why engage with the community when designing your school curriculum?

  • How have you or your school engaged the community in curriculum design?

  • What does engaging communities in curriculum design look like in an ideal world?

  • How have you overcome a challenge when engaging the community in curriculum design?

  • What are your next steps in engaging the community to a greater extent?

  • How might we move from communicating with community to collaborating with community?

  • How could @NZCurriculum support you in engaging the community to a greater extent?

Published on: 13 May 2016