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Guided tour
This supporting blog post offers a guided tour of Reviewing your local curriculum, highlighting its structure and features. 

What is a school curriculum?

The NZC states (p 37):

Curriculum in New Zealand schools is designed and interpreted in a three-stage process as:

  • the national curriculum – The New Zealand Curriculum and Te Marautanga o Aotearoa
  • the school curriculum – designed by schools based on the national curriculum
  • the classroom curriculum – interpreted by teachers aligned with the school curriculum
National curriculum to classroom curriculum diagram.

Your school curriculum will identify how your school is intending to give effect to the national curriculum. It allows teachers the scope to make interpretations in response to the particular needs, interests, and talents of individuals and groups of students in their classes.

Your school curriculum will be guided by your:

  • vision for your students, developed in keeping with the vision and principles of The New Zealand Curriculum
  • school values, identified with student and parent communities, and aligned to those in The New Zealand Curriculum
  • school's teaching and learning framework, structured around the eight learning area statements and five key competencies.

"You can't just pick up what another school's done. There's no recipe. What you might do will be different to us because of your community, your students, your location. The process of giving effect to the national curriculum is about making it work in your school."

Associate principal, primary

Reviewing your curriculum – Possible pathways
Here are some possible areas to focus on as you review and reshape your school curriculum. These areas have overlaps; as you begin to explore one aspect of your curriculum it is likely that other aspects of practice will be considered.

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Published on: 05 May 2014