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Phoebe's learning story

This learning story describes the competencies and strategies Phoebe has used to learn her times tables.

  • What key competencies are exemplified in this learning story?
  • How does this learning story help Phoebe understand the idea of transferring learning to different contexts?

Timing the pegs learning story image.


Timing the pegs

Teacher's comment

Phoebe I love your determination. When you decide you are going to do something you just get on with doing it. Today was a good example of this. You mentioned that you were having difficulty with remembering the 6,7,8, and 9 times tables and that your dad has started asking you times tables questions in the car. I suggested that you might like to practise those tables using the times tables pegs.

Phoebe it was great to see the way you decided to "do it" and how you set yourself the challenge of getting faster. We set the timer to count up and you kept doing the x 6 table. Your first time was 2 min 6 seconds. Straight away you decided that you wanted to get quicker than 2 minutes... Once you had got your time below 2 minutes you then wanted to get your time below 1 minute.

It is great to see that you set your own goals and it is wonderful to see you enjoying being successful.

Alison 3rd September 2010.

Parents/Family/Friends response sheet

Have you noticed this "determination" with Phoebe when she is at home? Perhaps you could describe another example of where Phoebe has decided to achieve something, and just steadily worked towards it?

Phoebe's determination is one of her greatest assets. She uses it at home with tricky jigsaw puzzles, with games she wants to finish or costume designs she has clear in her head that she needs to get down on paper. She responds well to the right kind of challenges (which are sometimes hard to find). And I know she needs more of them to stay hungry for learning. Laura (mum).

Published on: 21 Aug 2012