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Isabel's learning story

In this learning story Isabel's teacher describes how she is learning to recognise numbers to 20.

You will find the text for the learning story beneath the image.

  • What aspects of this learning story support Isabel's learning?
  • What might the teacher have noticed from this learning story?
  • How might this story support Isabel to develop her maths capability at school, at home, and in another context?
  • What learning to learn strategies would you support Isabel to develop next?
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Terrific Teenagers

Curriculum area: Mathematics: Level 1. Numeracy stage 2

Recognising numbers to 20

For maths we have been learning to count to 20 and recognise the numbers on the number line. We are calling the numbers "Teenagers". Some of the teen numbers are easier to recognise such as fourteen, sixteen, and nineteen. We are learning these numbers first.

At maths time we practiced using the hundreds board, flip charts, and number lines. Everyone had turns calling out numbers and we had races to see who was the fastest at finding the numbers.

Next we are going to put the numbers in order from 1 all the way to 20.

What Isabel noticed:

"I'm going to practise the teenagers now" said Isabel. "Can I use the whiteboards?" Isabel collected the pens and boards and started writing. She remembered that one came first and then she wrote the digits that she knew. Isabel proudly read out the numbers and shared her maths with her friends.

This is certainly quality work Isabel!

Can you write the numbers in order? What comes after 10?

What Isabel thought:

I am clever at maths. I can write the teenagers fast. I like maths and I like counting.

What did mum and dad think:

You are doing really well Isabel, you are very good at practicing at home, well done.

Published on: 20 Aug 2012