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Future focus

This section draws together research, digital resources, and examples to support teachers as they consider the future focus principle. 

School examples


Future problem solving
Teacher Sarah Watts tells us about the Future Problem Solving programme – a process where students consider issues that they may face in the future and explore possible challenges and solutions.

Future focus in the social sciences
Secondary teacher Richard Brudvik-Lindner explains how he uses a future focus to help students think about their learning in a different way. 

Exploring the future focus principle through community problem solving
McAuley High deputy principal Louise Addison shares her own and her students’ experiences with community problem solving and how this links to the future focus principle.

Te Ao Whanui - Local participation, global confidence
In this curriculum conversation Anne Sturgess discusses a social studies programme at Edgecumbe College. She is joined by students who explain how Te Ao Whanui – local participation, global confidence – supported them to be autonomous learners.


Pt England School - Lost Paradise
The effects of global warming in the Pacific.

Students set up new homes for penguins at Oakura School
DOC approached Oakura School to see if students would be interested in constructing and placing boxes to encourage the little blue penguins to return to the area and nest.

Sustainability video collection
This video collection on Technology Online shows how schools are exploring sustainability through technology.

Updated on: 24 Jan 2020