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Tuia Mātauranga curiosity cards


This year, Aotearoa New Zealand will acknowledge 250 years since the first onshore meetings between Māori and non-Māori with a national commemoration called 'Tuia — Encounters 250' (Tuia 250).

The National Library has partnered with the Ministry of Education, with valuable input from the Ministry for Culture and Heritage, to produce a set of Tuia Mātauranga curiosity cards. Each card includes:

  • an image of a historic item, place, event, or person
  • questions in English and te reo Māori to inspire inquiry about the topic
  • a link to more related online resources to support teaching and learning.

The cards are intended to spark students' learning and provide opportunities to have conversations about the multiple histories and perspectives that have formed our nation.

A box of the cards was recently delivered to each English-medium school, with an accompanying guide for teachers. The cards and supporting material can also be found on the National Library website.



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