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New support for schools to use internal evaluation to lift student achievement


Effective internal evaluation places students’ best interests at the centre of decisions and actions. Effective schools notice, investigate, and respond to students’ successes and challenges to pinpoint areas where improvement is needed. They take action on that information and analyse the impact on students’ achievement.

Earlier this year, ERO published the evidence-based School Evaluation Indicators. These indicators give leaders, teachers, trustees and the wider education system a common language about what matters most in improving student outcomes.

ERO has now worked with the Ministry of Education to develop and publish a practical how-to guide – Effective School Evaluation: How to do and use internal evaluation for improvement.

Together with the indicators, this resource and the good practice report – Internal Evaluation: Good Practice – shows school leaders, teachers, and trustees how to use internal evaluation to improve student outcomes. Effective School Evaluation: How to do and use internal evaluation for improvement explains the key steps in effective internal evaluation, while the good practice report shows how some schools have used internal evaluation to improve student outcomes.

The documents are available here: