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News of August 2014

Curriculum news and website highlights.

Curriculum design and review cog diagram.

Reviewing your curriculum – NEW section on NZC Online


Reviewing your curriculum is a new online space that provides access to information, research, tools, suggested areas of focus, and inspirational stories to support schools in the process of curriculum design and review.

This supporting blog post offers a guided tour of the new section, highlighting its structure and features.

Tonga Language Week logo.

Celebrate Tonga Language Week


Tonga Language Week takes place between Monday 1 September and Sunday 7 September 2014. Tonga Language Week / Uike Kātoanga’i ‘o e lea faka-Tonga gives students of all ethnicities the chance to learn some basic Lea Faka-Tonga, and gives your students students who speak lea faka-Tonga the chance to be experts in the classroom. This resource page provides ideas, resources, and inspiration to help you learn and celebrate lea faka-Tonga with your school community.

Entry form emblem.

Ngārimu VC and 28th (Māori) Battalion Scholarship Fund Board Challenge


The challenge is offered to Māori students in years 7 to 13 and is an opportunity to learn about the valuable contributions made by soldiers of the 28th (Māori) Battalion during the Second World War. Students may enter submissions in a number of different mediums including short film, musical composition, and photographic essay, with individual and group entries permitted.

Entries can link to English, history, arts, and te reo Māori learning. The challenge encourages Māori students to draw on whānau experience and local history. Winning entries receive cash prizes and schools may win prizes for participation.

For more information and entry forms, go to the Ngārimu VC and 28th (Māori) Battalion Scholarship Fund Board Challenge webpage or email ngarimu.scholarship@minedu.govt.nz.

Students waving.

International Languages Week


Sunday, 17 August to Saturday, 23 August
This special week provides an opportunity to showcase and promote languages and culture in your school; helping students develop knowledge, skills, and values that equip them for living in a world of diversity. 

This resource page provides a collection of ideas, links, and stories to support your involvement in International Languages Week.

Maths Week logo.

Maths Week


Maths Week runs from 11 – 15 August 2014. Maths Week is a national event organised by the New Zealand Association of Mathematics Teachers (NZAMT) to promote mathematics in New Zealand schools. The Maths Week website contains free resources for teachers, along with activities and competitions for students of all ages.

Image sourced from the Maths Week website

Students in science lab.

Science Online – Five science capabilities


Five science capabilities were recently published on TKI. Teachers often ask why they were called "capabilities". Dr Rosemary Hipkins of NZCER explains why the capabilities were developed (what they are supposed to "do" in terms of teaching and learning), why they were called that, and how they fit in with our curriculum’s key competencies. Read her article Unlocking the idea of capabilities in science.

Silhouettes of children.

National Standards – Inquiry for accelerated progress


The Ministry of Education has developed a set of resources that respond to the national aggregate Public Achievement Information data. These resources have been created to support schools to inquire into what needs to be done differently in order to accelerate progress for those students requiring additional help to meet expectations.

There is a progress and achievement inquiry tool that enables you to compare your school’s achievement picture with the national picture. There is also a tool to help you focus your inquiry on students not meeting expected levels and to plan specific teaching actions using strategies and resources to support this. Resources for parents and whānau to use at home to help support their child’s learning are also provided.

 If you have any questions please contact literacy.mathematics@minedu.govt.nz