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National Standards stories

These articles are published in the New Zealand Education Gazette. Each link will take you through to the story on the Education Gazette website.

The Principal’s written report card: in plain language (published 14/10/2013)

Principal of Newmarket School Wendy Kofoed identified the need to review her school’s practice on reporting to parents, leading to positive communication between whānau and teachers.

National Standards: A journey of continual improvement (published 3/10/2011)

The National Standards Sector Advisory Group Chair, Professor Gary Hawke, reports on the recent meeting of the group.

Student achievement function update (published 5/9/11)

The Student Achievement Function has been building momentum during the year with promising results starting to be achieved in schools and kura.

Uptake of National Standards is increasing (published 20/6/11)

Education Gazette looks at the ERO report Working with the National Standards: Raising Student Achievement in Reading, Writing and Mathematics.

Working with the sector on National Standards in 2011 (published 31/1/11)

The National Standards Sector Advisory Group chair, Professor Gary Hawke, outlines the priorities for the Group in 2011.

Advisers and facilitators look ahead (published 8/3/10)

School advisers talk about how they can help the implementation of the National Standards.

Criteria for marking (published 29/3/10)

A primary school developed its own way to moderate assessments of student writing.

How teachers can work together (published 29/3/10)

Teachers gain professionally from reviewing each other’s assessment of student work, explains a teacher educator.

Making a start on moderation (published 29/3/10)

Teachers using the National Standards can work together to develop a deep understanding of what each standard means and to moderate their overall teacher judgments.

Seamless assessment (published 29/3/10)

Teachers across a group of schools worked together to improve consistency in their interpretations of assessment data.

Standards support goes in-depth (published 8/3/10)

Support networks for implementing National Standards.

Aligning assessment tools with National Standards (published 19/4/10)

Teachers can access information on lining up assessment tools with the standards.

Talking with parents (published 19/4/10)

Leaflets are helping schools explain the National Standards to parents.

No throw away kids (published 3/5/10)

Dr Avis Glaze is now advising our government after a leading role in successful education reform in Ontario, Canada.

Support for schools to use the National Standards (published 17/5/10)

Guide to professional development and resources to support schools to use National Standards.

Advisors keep watch (published 31/5/10)

A group of leading educators is advising the Minister of Education on how to support teachers to work with the National Standards.

Deep into professional learning (published 31/5/10)

Fairfield Intermediate School outline how they are implementing National Standards.

Effective reporting (published 28/6/10)

Guidance on how schools can report in relation to the National Standards.

The opportunity (published 31/5/10)

Graeme Aitken talks about how National Standards are an opportunity to improve practice.

Boards and the National Standards (published 12/7/10)

Guidelines to help boards of trustees work with the standards.

Not one day, not one classroom (published 26/7/10)

Using evidence from student work in technology to inform overall teacher judgments for National Standards.

Raising student achievement (published 9/8/10)

Student achievement function, professional development, and programmes and resources for students who are under achieving.

Boards shape charters, charters shape schools (published 20/9/10)

Incorporating National Standards into charters and annual reports.

Consistency in judgments against National Standards (published 20/11/10)

Overall teacher judgments (OTJs) are a key tool for assessing student progress against the National Standards.

Focus on Ready to Read (published 20/9/10)

The Ready to Read series has brought us characters as colourful as Miss Pool, the Gardener, and the King – not to mention Greedy Cat. Behind the memorable characters and stories is a carefully structured levelling system.

Leadership link as standards roll out (published 6/9/10)

ERO report: Working with the National Standards within the New Zealand Curriculum.

Professional development to accelerate achievement (published 6/9/10)

PLD provides consistent and high quality professional development for teachers.

Reports to parents (published 6/9/10)

Straight forward example of the report process.

Russley School features in new self-review tools resource (published 6/9/10)

A new learning module for school leaders is now available on the leadership website Educational Leaders.

The chalk hits the board (published 20/11/10)

St Josephs school's approach to National Standards.

Blueprint for National Standards (published 11/10/10)

Mary Chamberlain shares more about the model used to develop National Standards.

Maths 'at' the standard what does it mean? (published 25/10/10)

Achieving ‘at’ a maths standard means that, in the teacher’s overall judgment, the student knows and is able to do the maths described within that standard independently, most of the time.

Reading 'at the standard what does it mean? (published 11/10/10)

To make an overall teacher judgment as to whether a student is reading ‘at’ the standard, teachers will draw on and analyse evidence at a particular point in time from a range of observation-based and standardised assessment procedures.

Writing at the standard what does it mean? (published 8/11/10)

To make an overall teacher judgment as to whether a student is writing ‘at’ the standard, their teacher will draw on and analyse evidence at a particular point in time from a range of observation-based and standardised assessment procedures.

Professional development - Supporting teachers and leaders (published 11/10/10)

Information about how schools can access professional development for 2011.

Using National Standards within The New Zealand Curriculum (published 11/10/10)

A guide to the resources (publications) being provided in Term 4, 2010.

Instinct backed by useful tips (published 8/11/10)

Supporting your child's learning, including resources from the Ministry of Education.

Ministry strengthens frontline support for schools and kura (published 8/11/10)

Schools and kura throughout the country are set to receive greater support to lift student achievement.

National Standards group sets out work programmes (published 8/11/10)

The newly appointed National Standards Sector Advisory Group has had its first meeting to discuss how best to use the expertise of the education sector during the ongoing implementation of National Standards.

National Standards survey shows encouraging results (published 8/11/10)

Two surveys released recently on the implementation of National Standards show encouraging results according to the Ministry of Education group manager: Curriculum, Teaching and Learning, Mary Chamberlain.

Reading Recovery lifting students' achievement (published 22/11/10)

Nearly 90 per cent of students who successfully completed Reading Recovery last year lifted their reading ability to Turquoise level – the National Standard for ‘After two years at school’.

Much more than the sum of their parts (published 6/12/10)

Profile of a sector-led literacy project.

National Standards: Assessment (published 23/11/09)

The standards help teachers use assessment to improve student learning.

National Standards: Self-review (published 23/11/09)

A new set of self-review tools help schools use the National Standards to improve student learning.

Published on: 19 Dec 2010