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Rising to the challenge

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This talk was delivered by Mary Chamberlain, Group Manager Curriculum Teaching and Learning at the Ministry of Education in December 2010.

There are six parts to this talk:

  1. Where we're starting from
  2. Rising to the challenge
  3. Our approach
  4. Boosting support for schools / kura
  5. More support: Student achievement function
  6. Making a difference


There’s some good news in terms of how we might address those challenges, we’ve got a number of programmes now, a hundred schools at a time, that actually show we can accelerate the progress of our Māori and Pasifika students by one to two years. Programmes such as Te Kotahitanga, some of the programmes in assessment, some of our programmes in literacy, recently we’ve had thirty seven schools working on accelerating student progress in maths and over a twelve week period, teachers accelerated the majority of those students by one to two years. Now that just shows the power of effective teaching.
So the challenge is to take what we’ve learnt from those really successful projects and help them impact in every single classroom - so that’s 40,000 teachers for every single student. Because to get a system shift, something different has to happen between the teacher and the student in every classroom in the country. So the programme of support that we’re wrapping around our really clear expectations set out in the curriculum and National Standards is aimed to do just that - change the interaction to enable teachers to teach a more diverse range of students with more diverse needs and to help accelerate the progress of students who are struggling.

Published on: 03 Jun 2011