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 This talk was delivered by Mary Chamberlain, Group Manager Curriculum Teaching and Learning at the Ministry of Education in December 2010.

 There are six parts to this talk:

  1. From great to excellent - how we'll meet the needs of all students
  2. Rising to the challenge
  3. Our approach
  4. Boosting support for schools / kura
  5. More support: Student achievement function
  6. Making a difference


For school leaders, we are implementing the new programme of expert student practitioners - we are going to have 50 of them in place by June next year and they will be supporting school leaders to look at the information that comes out of their schools - now it’s not necessarily an easy job to say this is the data I’ve got from the assessments and so on and then say this is exactly where I need to intervene and this is what I need to prioritise given the myriad of things that comes across a principal’s desk and also the whole complexity of the causes of students falling behind. So the student achievement experts will support principals and leadership teams to identify where they need support.
The second piece is that we are redesigning all of our professional development that’s available. I talked to you before about the programmes that are making a significant difference, from next year all programmes will be built off that evidence base that we have in the best evidence synthesis and from the programmes that have made a difference. And we’re also looking to better target those programmes to school needs.
The third part of the whole support programme is additional programmes because some students just get stuck and the teacher’s tried everything they can think of and they need additional support to actually move those students on. And so we’ll be trialling a range of approaches next year, pilots, like the one in maths with the 37 schools that actually said we’ve got these kids who are getting blocked or getting stuck, what support can we put in to help accelerate those students? And what does that support look like? So this is additional support targeted at students themselves.

Published on: 03 Jun 2011