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Making a difference

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 This talk was delivered by Mary Chamberlain, Group Manager Curriculum Teaching and Learning at the Ministry of Education in December 2010.

 There are six parts to this talk:

  1. From great to excellent - how we'll meet the needs of all students
  2. Rising to the challenge
  3. Our approach
  4. Boosting support for schools / kura
  5. More support: Student achievement function
  6. Making a difference


It’s not about doing more, it’s about doing things differently. So let me just go into the classroom for a minute. A decade ago, perhaps even sometimes now, you would see a teacher standing up the front of the class giving a one size fits all lesson. If the students didn’t keep up, it was the students’ problem. The teacher was still teaching five hours a day that some students were still learning and if they didn’t learn it was their problem. So the teacher won’t be doing any more in those five hours but they’ll be teaching differently if they’re going to meet the needs of those students who are currently struggling. The teacher will be thinking who has an influence on these students’ learning? They can learn anywhere anytime from anyone these days so how do I design my program in such a way that I maximise the learning for my students wherever they are? And I start with the strengths that they bring because they all do bring strengths and I build on those strengths and I’m focusing all my attention on doing that. And if students aren’t doing so well, then what’s my role in that and how can I adjust? Now when you shift your orientation in that way you start to plan differently, think differently and interact differently with students.

Published on: 03 Jun 2011