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Boosting support for schools / kura

Duration: 00:59

Views: 2011

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 This talk was delivered by Mary Chamberlain, Group Manager Curriculum Teaching and Learning at the Ministry of Education in December 2010.

 There are six parts to this talk:

  1. From great to excellent - how we'll meet the needs of all students
  2. Rising to the challenge
  3. Our approach
  4. Boosting support for schools / kura
  5. More support: Student achievement function
  6. Making a difference


The standards themselves don’t provide the training programme or the extra support or the nutrition or whatever that you need to get there, they’re just the marker points to tell you how you’re going. And kids will progress at different rates and at different times but people need to look out for the rate of progress and where they’re up to at a given time. Because we know that students who start behind tend to stay behind unless they’re accelerated and in fact they get further behind as they progress through school. So we need to know, looking out for those students who are starting to fall behind, intervene as fast as possible, adjust the kind of programme that they’re getting. The student needs to put in a different kind of effort, their parents on the sideline can help them. Their coaches who are the teachers with their special expertise and those teams working together can actually make a difference, and we can do that for every single student.

Published on: 03 Jun 2011