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How do you support effective teaching in your department?

Examples from practice

Supporting teaching as inquiry in your department

'Professional learning groups'. Duration 5:13

Claire Amos, Director of e-learning, talks here about the professional learning groups at Epsom Girls Grammar, which have been set up to support school wide e-learning.

Albany Senior High School - Curriculum structure and eportfolios
Miranda Makin, Deputy Principal of Albany Senior High School, discusses the school's curriculum structure and how this fits with the use of eportfolios.

Sharing strategies that work within your department or with others

'Supporting teachers to change practice'. Duration 4:11
Anna Cox, Head of mathematics, explains some strategies she has used to support professional learning in her department.

Te Mana Kōrero - Greymouth High School
In this video from Te Mana Kōrero - Strengthening Professional Practice, Greymouth High School shares how they went about developing their understanding of improving the learning outcomes for Māori students.

Published on: 21 Jun 2012