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How do you lead?

Use the model of a professional learning team developed for an English faculty to discuss how personal and professional growth could be developed amongst teachers in your department.

Word icon. Professional Learning Teams structures English - one model (Word, 33 KB)

Reflective questions

As a middle leader:

How do you share responsibilities and decision-making in your department?

How do you develop leadership skills in your teachers?

Have you considered what your leadership style is as a middle leader?

Do you co-construct department goals and programmes?

Do you work together as a department to achieve common goals or do your teachers work independently?

What are the structures and processes in your department that enable teachers to share their knowledge, experience, and questions about teaching and learning with each other?

How much time do you spend in department meetings engaged in professional learning compared to administrative matters?

Pedagogical leadership is a model of leadership that places an emphasis upon the development of the school through the development of others. Sergiovanni (1998) describes 'pedagogical leadership' as a form of leadership which invests in capacity-building by developing social and academic capital for students and intellectual professional capital for teachers.

Harris, 2003, p21

Published on: 19 Jun 2012