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Raumati Beach School – Vision expo

Raumati Beach School chose an innovative approach to the community consultation phase of their curriculum development by holding a Vision Expo.

Recently, Raumati Beach School on the Kapiti Coast, near Wellington, chose an innovative approach to the community consultation phase of their curriculum development by holding a Vision Expo.

Students and teachers created a ‘learning street’, and invited parents to visit (one of two sessions) after school or in the evening to stroll amongst colourful displays and interactive cross-curricula activities related to the school vision.

Senior students were on hand to talk about their learning and how this relates to the qualities of the school vision. They encouraged families to provide feedback during their visit.

Developing the vision

Teachers built a shared understanding of what is important to them about Raumati Beach School, using a facilitated process, on teacher only day. Guided by research, teachers discussed and identified the concepts and qualities their students will need to be confident, connected, actively involved, lifelong learners.
The school vision identifies a set of five qualities that were brought to life and shared with the community at the Vision Expo. These vision qualities encompass curiosity, involvement, resilience, communication and respect, and have been aligned to the key competencies in the following way:

  • Thinking
    Curiosity – wonder, investigate, discover
  • Participating and contributing
    Involvement – belong, be focused, be active
  • Managing self
    Resilience – reflect, refresh, retry
  • Using language, symbols and text
    Communication – think, send, receive
  • Relating to others
    Respect – care, share, be fair

The school vision is currently being developed in consultation with staff, students, BOT, parents, and the wider community to ensure all views are considered. Students and teachers have worked together to develop a clear understanding of the qualities within the school vision:

We want our qualities to be understood and easy to remember to ensure they are used in their everyday lives, both at school and in the wider community.

There were a wide variety of displays at the school's Vision Expo.

Room Two captured the way in which a junior class was using 'curiosity' to find out about measurement


Room Twenty Two used their artwork, inspired by artist Paul Klee, to show their understanding about communicating a range of feelings.

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Updated on: 12 Sep 2010