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Ngaio School – Demonstrating key competencies

Ngaio School students have been using different approaches to learn about how people demonstrate the key competencies.

Year 5 and 6 students in Tui syndicate’s Room 19 began by exploring the five key competencies in-depth. Next they chose a well-known individual and described how they had used the key competencies in the context of their lives. They researched the individual, and worked in small groups to create a poster to share their learning. 

This approach was popular with the students because it gave them an opportunity to follow their own interests and think creatively. The students chose a variety of individuals including Michael Jackson, Julius Caesar, Roald Dahl, Steve Hofmeyr, and Mark Inglis.

"We made a poster on Julius Caesar to show how he used the key competencies. For language, symbols and texts we looked at the Roman Numerals (1-100) and wrote these out by hand; it was really hard work! We also used the computer to publish and print out our work. We looked at how Romans used strategic thinking to plan going into battle. We also looked at managing self; we didn't think he managed himself well! He was murdered because he wasn't very well liked or respected. He was found with 23 stab wounds! We really enjoyed researching and working together to make this poster."

Alex, aged 10

The students in Room 16 discussed what each of the key competencies meant for them, and displayed their ideas as posters.

They synthesised information from the key competencies page of The New Zealand Curriculum, the Ngaio School matrix from the implementation plan, and from their own ideas to create a mind map to show what the key competencies mean at Ngaio School. The colours and symbols used on the posters are metaphors for learning. To complete the work, students recorded (in Photo Booth) the key competencies they themselves had used as they worked. They presented a keynote slide show to share their work with parents during an open evening. This material will also be available on the class wiki for future reference.

SHIM (She and Him) was a character developed by students from Room 17 as a way of identifying the competencies they would need to demonstrate as senior students within the school.

"In Tui we use language, symbols and texts by learning to become students who are competent readers, writers, mathematicians and users of computers to be able to use words, numbers, images, movement, metaphors, and technologies in a range of learning areas."

Ella, Jacob, Jenna, Maddison, Maisie and Rosaria

Other classes highlighted ways the key competencies are demonstrated within the stories they are reading. They shared their ideas using Post It notes on images from the books.

This work culminated in a parents’ meeting during the last week of term, where students displayed their work around the hall and talked about what they had been learning. They shared podcasts and video clips showing examples of the key competencies in action.

key competencies

Updated on: 14 Jun 2010