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Central Regional Health School – Developing KCs

At CRHS-City in Wellington the key competencies are central to the development of student IEPs and group work plans.

The key competencies are a major focus for students’ learning experiences at Central Regional Health School. (Find out more about the Regional Health Schools (RHS).)

Any student who is unable, due to sickness, to attend school for more than 10 days, or has repeated absences of more than 40 days in a year, or six admissions to hospital in a year, meets the criteria to be admitted to a health school – irrespective of where they live.

In addition the schools provide a service for students who are at home recovering or recuperating, and for students who are unable to attend school due to a mental health condition.

The team at Central Regional Health School-City (CRHS-City) in central Wellington work together to develop and implement learning goals for each of their students. This team is made up of teachers, a support worker, and an occupational therapist.

The team plans and delivers school-wide learning programmes in three-week cycles. Long-term plans are broken down into weekly unit plans, with key competencies a major focus. The key competency goals are reinforced during whole class sessions, where particular aspects are taught explicitly with the class. Read the school-wide cooperative unit plan.

While acknowledging the importance of academic progress within the curriculum, CRHS-City teachers place a strong focus on developing the key competencies to support the success of their programmes.

IEPs and documents

Each student has their own Individual Education Plan (IEP) that incorporates a focus on their transition back to school or elsewhere, together with key competency and curriculum goals. This also takes into account:

  • the reason the student is unable to attend school
  • the impact of their condition
  • their treatment regime.

The IEP is further broken down into an individual weekly plan incorporating the curriculum, key competencies, and transition goals.

The occupational therapist’s Independent Therapeutic Plan (ITP) for each student is also aligned to the development of the key competencies, reflecting the multidisciplinary approach taken to each student's learning.


The team assigned to each student reviews their progress every three weeks. This enables existing plans to be evaluated and new plans to be put in place as a student progresses through their programme. It provides an opportunity for families and their regular schools to develop an understanding of how to provide ongoing support for them.

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Updated on: 25 Oct 2010