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Reviewing your curriculum – A guided tour


New Zealand schools have the scope, flexibility, and authority they need to design and shape their curriculum so that teaching and learning is meaningful and beneficial for their particular communities of students (NZC, p 37).

Curriculum design and review is a continuous, cyclic, and responsive process that involves making decisions about how to give effect to the national curriculum in ways that best address the particular needs, interests, and circumstances of your school’s students and community. Curriculum design and review is about making the curriculum yours.

Reviewing your curriculum is an online space that provides access to information, research, tools, suggested areas of focus, and inspirational stories to support schools in the process of curriculum design and review. This blog post explains what is on offer within the four key sections of the new package.


National curriculum to classroom curriculum diagram.

This first section introduces and explains curriculum design and review. In this section you can:

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What does ongoing curriculum design and review look like?
This list of indicators can be used to help you identify what curriculum design and review might look like at your school.

Setting the direction

Setting the direction provides guidance on what should be driving curriculum change at your school. It is a useful section for schools wanting to establish needs and priorities for the curriculum design and review process. In this section you will find support to:

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Important messages
These messages about curriculum design and review have emerged from the stories that schools have been sharing about their journeys.

Possible pathways

This section suggests some possible areas of focus to help you in your review journey. Within each of these possible pathways you will find review tools, research, key resources, and examples of what the focus area could look like in practice. This section will help schools that are ready to take action to meet priorities for students' learning. The possible pathways are:

Have you seen?

Key competencies review tools
These review questions and tools can be used to consider how the key competencies can be promoted and developed in teaching and learning at your school.

Examples and inspiration

This section provides a range of stories, presentations, and articles to illustrate, support, and inspire curriculum design and review. A list of communities is also provided for online collaboration and sharing of ideas.

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Te Kura o Hiruharama
Ngāti Porou East Coast schools have worked collectively through the E Tipu e Rea Education Partnership as they have developed their school curricula. These three digital stories share the journey of Te Kura o Hiruharama.

An invitation to share

What changes have you made to your school curriculum to address priorities for students' learning? What ideas and resources have you found useful in the curriculum design and review process? Which sections of this new package appeal to you? We would love to hear from you. Please contact us via email. If you want to share your story of curriculum design and review with us, please email your details to nzcurriculum@tki.org.nz

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