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Evidence identifies the importance of fostering a classroom environment characterised by positive relationships between the teacher and students, and among students. Students and teachers alike are unhappy when there is friction and constant disruptions as it undermines ability to learn, sense of enjoyment and well-being, attitudes towards one another, to subjects, or to learning overall.

School examples

Mark Whitford.

Mark Whitford - Steps in the transition process

Deputy principal Mark Whitford describes Glen Eden Intermediate’s transition programme which has built positive relationships with contributing schools, families, and the wider community.

Students walking.

Southland Girls' High School

The Southland Girls’ team implemented a new approach to the traditional year 7 and 8 school. Their vision for the junior school evolved and became part of whole school development.

Educational Leaders logo.

Sabbatical report - Rich, real, rigorous, and relevant

Trevor Beaton, Principal of Cobham Intermediate, case studies a variety of different school structures and timetable approaches to cater for the needs of emerging adolescents.

Published on: 18 Jan 2012