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Positive behaviour for learning

Classrooms in which students feel comfortable asking questions, are expected to do their best, where instruction is appropriately challenging, and specific feedback is given to help students with their current learning, are less likely to have bored, disengaged, and disruptive students.

Review questions

These self-review questions have been developed from the body of research within this website. They are designed to support schools to promote further discussion about the topics raised.

  • A confident and relaxed use of humour in a teaching and learning context is a real skill. How about asking students to give feedback on teachers' effective use of humour?
  • What opportunities are there for teachers to observe effective teachers in action?
  • How do we know that our assessment practices benefit students and are based on consistency and fairness (equity)?
  • How does the use of behavioural systems demonstrate consistency and fairness?
  • Are there clear processes in place for students to voice any concerns?
  • How is student responsibility for their learning and behaviour promoted in classroom and school settings?
  • How does timetabling and curriculum design reflect the interests and needs of students in years 7-10?
  • What trialling has taken place with different timetabling and lesson duration arrangements?
  • How has feedback been sought from the students?
  • What systems are in place to support students' sense of belonging - homerooms, vertical grouping, and partnerships?

Published on: 18 Jan 2012