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Factors that influence student engagement

When students feel valued by their teachers and peers, believe their current learning is important and relevant, and have the self-belief, learning, feedback and self-regulation strategies to make progress, they are more highly motivated and engaged in learning.

School examples


Developing the Breens Intermediate values

These four stories explore the discussions, evolution, and testing of the Breens Intermediate values.

Wall display.

Student voice at Tawa Intermediate

Have you ever wondered what’s going through the minds of the students in your classroom? At Tawa Intermediate they decided to find out what it was that 21st century learners wanted from their school.

Wellington High School.

Developing inclusive classrooms at Wellington High School

Wellington High School junior school trialled a project which sought to personalise student learning using the curriculum to actively involve students in what they learn, how it is taught, and how it is assessed.

Three students.

Māori student success at Chisnallwood Intermediate School

Providing the best opportunities for Māori students to succeed was a key part of the school curriculum review and implementation planning for the Chisnallwood Intermediate staff and community.

Ian Fox.

EDtalks: eportfolios

Ian Fox, a retired principal from Bucklands Beach Intermediate School, Auckland, discusses eportfolios. He believes in using technology to engage and create confident, active and involved life-long learners.

Published on: 18 Jan 2012