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Ministry of Education publications

Education Review Office (2009). Creating Pathways and Building Lives: CPaBL in Action

Education Review Office (2009). Creating Pathways and Building Lives: Overall Evaluation of the Initiative

Ministry of Education (2006). Consider the Evidence: Evidence-driven decision making for secondary schools

Ministry of Education. Education for Enterprise site

Ministry of Education. Best Evidence Synthesis series (BES)

Ministry of Education (1999). Working Together: Building Partnerships between Schools and Enterprises. Wellington: Learning Media.

Other New Zealand government publications

Career Services rapuara (2008). Understanding Career Education in Years 7 and 8

Career Services rapuara (2009). Career Education in Practice

Growth and Innovation Advisory Board (2005). Creating Successful School Leavers

Ministry of Youth Affairs (2002). Youth Development Strategy Aotearoa

Publications by organisations in other countries

America’s Career Resource Network (ACRN). The National Career Development Guidelines

Department for Children, Schools and Families (2003). Careers Education and Guidance in England, A National Framework 11–19

Ministerial Council on Education, Employment, Training and Youth Affairs (MCEETYA) (2009). Australian Blueprint for Career Development

Other publications

Boyd, S. and Chalmers, A. (2001). Beyond School: Final Year School Students' Experiences of the Transition to Tertiary Study or Employment. Wellington: New Zealand Council for Educational Research.

Carpenter, Heather (2008). The Career Maze. New Holland Publishers (NZ) Ltd.

Gitterman, A., Levi, M., and Wayne, S. (1995). Outcomes of School Career Development. In Exemplary Career Development Programs and Practices: The Best from Canada, ed. B. Hiebert. Ottawa: ERIC/CASS and the Canadian Guidance and Counselling Foundation.

Hipkins, Rosemary (2006). The Nature of the Key Competencies: A Background Paper. New Zealand Council for Educational Research. Wellington.

Jarvis, Phillip S. (2003) Career Management Paradigm Shift: Prosperity for Citizens, Windfalls for Governments. National Life/Work Centre (Ottawa)

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Vaughan, K., Roberts, J., and Gardiner, B. (2006). Young People Producing Careers and Identities. The first report from the Pathways and Prospects project. Wellington: New Zealand Council for Educational Research

Watts, A. G. (2001). Career Education for Young People: Rationale and Provision in the UK and Other European Countries. International Journal for Educational and Vocational Guidance, vol. 1 no. 3, pp. 209-222.

Published on: 04 Aug 2009