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Significantly, most comments about technology referred to its potential or perceived disadvantages (see also comments in The future):

  • "Inhibits creativity."
  • "Technology is certainly important in the 21st century, but students need to know how to interact."
  • "Dangerous."
  • "We need breadth versus depth."
  • "Is the future, but only part of the future."
  • "If technology is used loads we will lose our imagination and creativity because everything is done for us. How will the curriculum have a balance between the two things?"
  • "Needs to incorporate the ability to think logically/analytically, and not just be about completing the worksheet."
  • "Limit the use of spelling tools on computers, because if this fails, those who rely on the spelling tools are not able to spell for themselves."

Some year 7 to 8 students were concerned that more technology would lead to greater laziness, and also that technology games would encourage violence. One student questioned whether technology was even necessary: "Sometimes it feels as though it's being forced on society, whether society needs it or not."

Another student observed: "There is a difference between technology as practical skills and technology as computers; skills should be taught in context." One student said: "I hate it. I hate it. There's nothing magical about it." Another: "Too many different fonts to choose from."

Among the few positive comments about technology were that it was fun, made learning easier, was "cool, because we learn new things we didn't know about", and was "complex, yet simple".

One student commented: "I want to learn about web design, maybe a little bit more of art and computers, like the two together. At the moment, computers are only used as a research tool. I want to use the computer during an art lesson. Design Technology should be a subject at 5th form."

Published on: 20 Sep 2007