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Health and physical education

Many students clearly did not enjoy PE, as indicated by the comments listed below:

  • "Waste of time. You spend more time writing (forging) notes to get out of it than actually doing it."
  • "Forced participation in unpleasant activities."
  • "Teachers encourage humiliation."
  • "PE doesn't teach you ways to be healthy/fit. It just forces you to participate in sports that you learn nothing from."
  • "PE shouldn't be compulsory after 5th form. Despite the effort to be active, not many people do; you only spend about ten minutes being fully active anyway."
  • "Danger of injury and long recovery."
  • "You have to be a physical person to enjoy it."
  • "No appreciation for different skill levels."
  • "Not enough catering to individual abilities."
  • "Don't like the uniform."

Very few comments indicated actual enjoyment of PE. The closest was: "The teacher relates to us; knows us personally, and gives activities that we can do."

Most of the more positive comments about PE related to its benefits:

  • "Relates with well-being and emotions."
  • "Fun to get out of the classroom."
  • "Interaction with others."
  • "Become stronger."
  • "Stay fit and healthy."
  • "Keeps me fit."
  • "Keeps us active; teaches sports and physical skills."
  • "Long-term health benefits."
  • "To combat growing obesity problem."
  • "Lose weight."
  • "We should have more PE because we aren't getting enough exercise."
  • "We need more time in PE to get our physical strength level up. Plus, to keep our kids fit. Every year kids are putting on more and more weight and becoming lazier."

One student thought there weren't enough press ups.

Similarly, health education drew comments relating to its perceived benefits – or lack of them:

  • "Anatomy helps with medical career."
  • "[You learn to] look after your body – exercise; eat right."
  • "Less health; more PE."
  • "You don't learn things that are important, such as the effects of drugs, sex, cigarettes."

Published on: 20 Sep 2007