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NZC Online update - September 2011

Each month we bring you an email update with information, links, strategies, and schools stories on New Zealand Curriculum Online, Key Competencies Online and the Secondary Portal.

Secondary middle leaders

Two new digital stories and two inspirational videos have been published in the Secondary Middle Leaders section:

Putting students first in English at Albany Senior High School
Hamish Chalmers provides examples of how his students are at the forefront when designing English courses. He says the important thing to remember is that it is all about the students' own learning, their engagement, and therefore their ownership of that learning.

Student first homework in science at Queen's High School
In this video Sarah Swan demonstrates an approach she uses for student first homework in her science classes.

TED talk: A Short intro to the Studio School
"Some kids learn by listening; others learn by doing. Geoff Mulgan gives a short introduction to the Studio School, a new kind of school in the UK where small teams of kids learn by working on projects that are, as Mulgan puts it, for real."

Youtube: Learning to change - changing to learn
A number of well known educational thought leaders reflect on the future of learning - "The death of education but the dawn of learning"

New resources

NZC Update 13 - Levelling the School Journal
This Update explains the recent changes in levelling processes for items in the School Journal and in the other instructional series for year 4–8 students.

Smoke free schools
This website offers information, ideas and resources to help schools/kura develop and promote a smokefree school community.

Read and achieve with the All Blacks
David Riley from Tangaroa College submitted this resource to the English Online Listserv. It aims to develop reading comprehension skills using articles about All Blacks as the context.

New in the resource bank

Literacy in technology
This resource looks at how literacy learning needs can be addressed in the technology teaching and learning programme.

Literacy in the arts
This resource looks at how literacy learning needs can be addressed in the arts teaching and learning programmes.

Schools World TV
With the closure of TeachersTV in the UK, the full 3,500 videos have found a new home on Schools World TV.


NCEA: The Myths
Sort the myths from the facts with these NCEA Mythbusters from NZQA.

Senior secondary curriculum guide – Philosophy
Philosophy is about acquiring wisdom through free inquiry. It explores fundamental questions about the world and our place in it.

Middle Schooling

YouTube: Teachers
Launched this month, YouTube for Teachers - incorporate YouTube clips into your classroom by subscribing to the teachers’ community.

Ewan McIntosh #TEDxLondon: The problem finders
Read educator Ewan McIntosh’s TEDxLondon presentation on schools developing a problem-finding curriculum to engage students through authentic and worthwhile problems.

New Zealand Youth Mentoring Network
The New Zealand Youth Mentoring Network fosters the growth of effective youth mentoring practice throughout New Zealand.

Key Competencies Online

Teaching as inquiry
This discussion tool suggests prompts that could be used to give attention to the key competencies in teaching as inquiry.

Learning in a modern classroom
Two year 12 students discuss what learning in a modern classroom means for them at the Education Leaders Forum in Wellington last month.
Competent Learners project reports
NZCER Competent Learners study has followed some 500 children from just before they started school. In 2009 they turned 20. This summary outlines the findings of this phase of the research.

Developing the KCs
Paroa School’s curriculum map prioritises four pedagogical approaches to learning to guide their development of the key competencies.

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Published on: 31 Aug 2011