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Professional learning groups at Wellington Girls' College


Since any teaching strategy works differently in different students, effective pedagogy requires that teachers inquire into the impact of their teaching on their students. Inquiry into the teaching-learning relationship can be visualised as a cyclical process that goes on moment by moment (as teaching takes place), day by day, and over the longer term.

(New Zealand Curriculum (2007) Effective pedagogy)

Teachers at Wellington Girls’ College work in learning groups for professional development that relates to the school’s annual goals. All teachers belong to a cross-curricular learning group. They take responsibility for their own professional learning, as they are encouraged to gather groups around common areas of interest and use a process of evidence-based inquiry.

Deputy principal Anne Coster explains, 'If you support this culture of reflection and positive self-review; if you empower teachers to do this amongst themselves, then you also empower them to transfer it to the students in the classroom, and really that’s the ultimate aim of all of this.'

The teachers decide on a focus that is particularly important for them. They develop and trial new strategies and learning activities, and reflect both individually and as a group on the outcomes.

This digital story highlights learning groups for Māori engagement and achievement, and the transparent classroom where teachers explore ways to develop and share learning intentions with students, based on co-creating success criteria. The classroom strategies developed by these learning groups also provide students with opportunities to make decisions about how and when they undertake certain learning activities.

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Published on: 11 Nov 2009