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Long submissions

New Zealand curriculum – draft 2006–2007

The Ministry of Education has received 168 long submissions (over three pages) in response to The New Zealand curriculum: Draft for consultation 2006. A number of writers have kindly given permission to publish their long submissions on this site, and these have been reproduced below as PDF files. The submissions are listed in order of when they were received.

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Submitted by and file size

Type of submitter

PDF icon. D R Wood (PDF, 1 MB) Individual
PDF icon. Guy Donaldson (PDF, 769 KB) Retired pre-service educator (music)
PDF icon. Enterprise New Zealand Trust (PDF, 1 MB) Professional organisation (business)
PDF icon. Marewa School, Te Awa School, and Nelson Park School (PDF, 776 KB) Primary schools staff
PDF icon. Gwen Francis (PDF, 3 MB) Teacher/researcher on values education
PDF icon. WWF New Zealand (PDF, 1 MB) Environmental educationalists
PDF icon. Jim Chapple (PDF, 11 MB) Environmentalist
PDF icon. Michael Drake (PDF, 642 KB) Teacher educator
PDF icon. Richard Wallis (PDF, 5 MB) Values education organisation
PDF icon. Hampton Hill Primary School, Tawa, staff (PDF, 424 KB) Primary school staff
PDF icon. St Pauls College (PDF, 590 KB) Secondary School staff
PDF icon. South Auckland Association Teachers of English (SAATE) (PDF, 723 KB) English teachers' professional organisation
PDF icon. Judy Bailey (PDF, 376 KB) Teacher educator (mathematics)
PDF icon. St Mary's School, Birkenhead (PDF, 712 KB) Primary school staff
PDF icon. Auckland University of Technology (PDF, 758 KB) Teacher educators
PDF icon. Chaz Forsyth (PDF, 414 KB) Parent
PDF icon. St Joseph's School, Otahuhu, staff (PDF, 355 KB) Primary school staff
PDF icon. Totara College of Accelerated Learning (PDF, 411 KB) Area school
PDF icon. Susan Sandretto, and the Critical Literacy Research Team, University of Otago (PDF, 830 KB) Academic/reseacher
PDF icon. David McArthur (PDF, 453 KB) Individual/teacher
PDF icon. TESOLANZ (PDF, 1 MB) Teachers professional organisation (languages)
PDF icon. Wellington Hindi School (PDF, 829 KB) Community language school
PDF icon. NZEI (PDF, 3 MB) Primary teacher's union
PDF icon. Chris Morey (PDF, 1,011 KB) Post-graduate student (education)
PDF icon. Lake Taupo Christian School staff (PDF, 746 KB) Area school
PDF icon. National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha'is of New Zealand (PDF, 460 KB) Religious organisation
PDF icon. Cashmere High School, Christchurch, Arts department (PDF, 688 KB) Secondary school staff (arts)
PDF icon. Employers and Manufacturers Assoc (Central) Inc. (PDF, 476 KB) Business organisation
PDF icon. Raumati Beach School staff (PDF, 547 KB) Primary school staff
PDF icon. Kerry Parker (PDF, 504 KB) Secondary school teacher (science)
PDF icon. Leslie Tiki Koroheke (PDF, 404 KB) Individual
PDF icon. Hugo van Stratum (PDF, 521 KB) Individual
PDF icon. Connected Media Trust (PDF, 828 KB) Educational media organisation
PDF icon. Wellington Sri Lankan School (PDF, 645 KB) Community language school
PDF icon. Statistics in education group video conferences (PDF, 2 MB) Academics, teachers, educationalists
PDF icon. University of Canterbury (PDF, 515 KB) Academic/university staff
PDF icon. Capital E (PDF, 550 KB) Children's learning venue creativity, technology and live performance
PDF icon. Business New Zealand (PDF, 1 MB) Industry/buisness organisation
PDF icon. New Zealand Automobile Association Inc. (PDF, 819 KB) Community organisation (motor vehicle owners)
PDF icon. NZ Catholic Education Office (PDF, 2 MB) Education agency (Catholic)
PDF icon. Association of Proprietors of Integrated Schools (PDF, 2 MB) Education agency (integrated schools)
PDF icon. National Education for Sustainability (PDF, 3 MB) Teacher educator (environmental education)
PDF icon. NZ Advisory Committee for the UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development (PDF, 972 KB) Community organisation / Education agency for envionmental education
PDF icon. The Peace Foundation (PDF, 2 MB) Community organisation (peace)
PDF icon. Home Economics and Technology Teachers Association of NZ (HETTANZ) (PDF, 603 KB) Teachers professional organisation (home economics and technology)
PDF icon. Horowhenua College, Mathematics department (PDF, 462 KB) Secondary school staff (mathematics)
PDF icon. Canterbury District Health Board (PDF, 982 KB) District health board
PDF icon. NZ Commerce and Economics Teachers Association (CETA), Auckland branch (PDF, 703 KB) Teachers professional organisation (accounting and economics)
PDF icon. Karori West Normal School (PDF, 541 KB) Primary school staff
PDF icon. Education sub-Commission, NZ National Commission for UNESCO (PDF, 535 KB) International education agency
PDF icon. Action for Children & Youth Aotearoa (PDF, 576 KB) Community organisation (children's rights)
PDF icon. New Zealand Council for Educational Research (NZCER) (PDF, 1 MB) Education research agency
PDF icon. Lifepaths Trust (PDF, 514 KB) Community-based education trust
PDF icon. Human Rights Commission (PDF, 3 MB) Government agency (human rights)
PDF icon. NZ Post Primary Teachers Association (PPTA) (PDF, 2 MB) Secondary teachers union
PDF icon. Mark Treadwell (PDF, 1 MB) Education consultant
PDF icon. Gaille Boyd (PDF, 1 MB) Individual
PDF icon. Social Sciences Education, School of Education, University of Waikato (PDF, 884 KB) Academic (social sciences education); Teacher educator
PDF icon. CCS (PDF, 982 KB) Community organisation (disabilities)
PDF icon. Auckland Catholic Diocese Te Kaupapa Tikanga Rua Bicultural Desk (PDF, 615 KB) Church
PDF icon. Orewa College, Business department (PDF, 408 KB) Secondary school staff (buisness studies)
PDF icon. Department of Conservation (PDF, 1 MB) Government agency (conservation, environment)
PDF icon. Whangaparaoa College, Social Sciences (PDF, 923 KB) Secondary school teacher (social sciences)
PDF icon. Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment (PDF, 447 KB) Government agency (enviornment)
PDF icon. NZ Amnesty International School Curriculum Group (PDF, 677 KB) Community organisation (human rights)
PDF icon. Newton Central School (PDF, 519 KB) Primary school staff
PDF icon. Matairangi Clyde Quay School (PDF, 2 MB) Primary school staff
PDF icon. Literacy Team, Department of Arts and Language Education, University of Waikato (PDF, 852 KB) Academics; Teacher educators (literacy)
PDF icon. Federation of Graduate Women, North Shore Branch (PDF, 642 KB) Community organisation (women)
PDF icon. Asia New Zealand Foundation (PDF, 650 KB) Community organisaiton (promotion of Asia)
PDF icon. Engineers NZ (IPENZ); NZ Institute of Food Science & Technology; Technology Education NZ (PDF, 856 KB) Professional organisations (science and technology)
PDF icon. Johanne McComish (PDF, 482 KB) Individual/educational researcher (languages)
PDF icon. Te Runanga o te Rarawa (PDF, 623 KB) Runanga
PDF icon. AFS Intercultural Programmes NZ Inc. (PDF, 1 MB) International agency (intercultural)
PDF icon. Jenny Dalton, Greg Morton and Jo Cottrel (PDF, 474 KB) Public health promoters
PDF icon. Kate Cassin (PDF, 4 MB) Individual
PDF icon. Electrotechnology Industry Training Organisation (ETITO) (PDF, 505 KB) Non-governmental organisation (NGO)
PDF icon. Snowy Peak Limited (PDF, 449 KB) Business
PDF icon. Tapora Primary School (PDF, 385 KB) Board of Trustees and staff
PDF icon. Carey (PDF, 655 KB) Individual
PDF icon. Transparency International (PDF, 841 KB) Chairman of Board
PDF icon. National Council of Women of New Zealand (PDF, 376 KB) National President
PDF icon. Howard Taylor (PDF, 2 MB) Individual
PDF icon. Glendowie College (PDF, 745 KB) Not specified
PDF icon. Baverstock Oaks School, Auckland (PDF, 727 KB) Teachers
PDF icon. Greymouth High School (PDF, 801 KB) Teachers
PDF icon. St Bede's College, Christchurch (PDF, 241 KB) Mathematics faculty
PDF icon. Paraparaumu College (PDF, 1 MB) Teachers
PDF icon. Raroa Normal Intermediate School, Wellington (PDF, 5 MB) Teachers
PDF icon. Mount Albert Grammar School, Commerce department (PDF, 361 KB) Teachers
PDF icon. Palmerston North Boys' High School (PDF, 602 KB) Staff
PDF icon. Evan Robson (PDF, 7 MB) Individual
PDF icon. Laurie Loper (PDF, 818 KB) Psychologist/teacher

Published on: 13 Sep 2007